a foot rest fit for you

Consider this…for proper rest every night, you elevate your head with a pillow.  Don’t your feet deserve the same loving care during the day?

BlissDeck to the rescue!  Designed with versatility in mind, it delivers comfort, better posture and fewer aches so you are ergonomically set free.  Give your feet a rest and elevate them today on a BlissDeck from BlissWorks.



The BlissDeck is great for your feet to rest upon.  Sometimes, you just have to move so turn it over and rock it.  


While the BlissDeck is great for your legs and feet, it can also be used for improving your posture by placing it behind you when you sit.

easy care

The zippered cover of the BlissDeck is easy to remove for machine washing.  It’s best to let it air dry.

blissdeck features